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As an Aruban company, we take great pride in supporting our island community and positively contributing to environmental and social endeavors. Here are a few ways that Balashi Brewery is lending a helping hand:

Luna Foundation

Balashi Brewery encourages customers to recycle their empty bottles for instant cash back (Awg 0.20 per bottle or Awg 4.80 per case).  Balashi is the only brewer on Aruba to offer incentivized recycling, with a long-term goal to contribute to Aruba’s overall sustainability efforts.  And now, there are some furry friends on the island that are also benefitting from these recycling efforts. Luna Foundation, a local non-profit made up of a small group of dedicated volunteers, has a mission of positively impacting the lives of Aruba’s street dogs and strays. Creating awareness and educating the island’s youth on animal welfare, the importance of spaying and neutering, and vaccinations is the first priority of the foundation.  The foundation has also created a dog sanctuary, offering shelter, food,  healthcare, and lots of love to these dogs in need.  With no government assistance, Luna Foundation relies on the goodwill of the community and visitors to our island for donations to fund the costs of the sanctuary (currently with 61 dogs and puppies under their care) and their various operating expenses. Teaming up with Balashi Brewery and further promoting the recycling of Balashi, Chill, and Magic Mango bottles, Luna Foundation is asking the community to donate their bottles for recycling.  It’s as easy as a WhatsApp message to +297-561-0706: Luna Foundation will come to you to collect your empties.  The money received upon return to Balashi Brewery will help fund Luna Foundation’s efforts.   To learn more about Luna Foundation and their ongoing volunteer work, visit their Facebook page lunafoundationaruba.  

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Donkey Sanctuary Aruba

Donkeys have been a part of Aruba’s culture for the past 500 years. Before Aruba was introduced to cars, donkeys were the islanders’ leading form of transportation. Once cars became commonplace, however, donkeys were no longer perceived as a necessity, and were essentially left to wander. Malnourishment, disease, disappearing natural habitat, and systematic attrition reduced the donkey population from an estimated 1,400 at the turn of the 20th century to only 20 in the early 1970s. With the local donkey population nearly decimated, a non-profit organization was founded in 1997 as the Donkey Sanctuary Aruba with the sole purpose of saving and caring for the donkeys on the island. It is now estimated that there may be close to 200 donkeys on the island, with just over 130 at the sanctuary. The sanctuary is located in Bringamosa, surrounded by Aruba’s natural landscape, the new location in Bringamosa provides plenty of space for the sanctuary’s donkeys to roam freely. The sanctuary strives to provide the donkeys with a peaceful habitat where they are loved and cared for. Balashi Brewery supports the Donkey Sanctuary Aruba by donating products that can be sold to visitors at the refreshment center on the sanctuary premises. Learn more about the Donkey Sanctuary Aruba at  http://main.arubandonkey.org/portal/  

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