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Our history

The Balashi Brewery

Founded in 1998, Brouwerij Nacional Balashi is a full-scale production brewery, and one of the most modern in the Caribbean. The brewery began as a collaboration with local partners and German beer experts who brought their knowledge, technology, and the German brewing traditions to Aruba. The goal of the collaboration was to create a fresh, local island brew made with passion, quality, and tradition.

The brewery’s first beer, Balashi (which means “water” in the local Papiamento language), was named after the area of the island—also known as Balashi—that the brewery is located. For years the brewery exclusively produced its flagship brand, but over time expanded to offer a portfolio of three distinctive beers, each inspired by Aruba’s heritage, culture, and the vibrant island lifestyle. These well-loved local beers include Balashi, Chill, and Magic Mango.

Visit the brewery for an engaging tour detailing the expertise of our master brewers and the impressive technology that produces millions of bottles, cans, and kegs of beer every year on Aruba.