A quality pilsner with an ideal balance of hops, malty sweetness, and toasted grain.

The classic beer-drinker’s brew, this blonde pilsner pours a bright, clear golden color, delivering a subtle bitterness that’s soft on the nose and tongue, tempered with the aroma of fresh hops.  The lightly spicy hops is balanced with the ideal level of malty sweetness and toasted grain, revealing a crisp and refreshing finish that’s perfect for Aruba’s tropical climate. 

Beer style: Pilsner
First brew: 1998
Alcohol/volume: 5.0%

Serving options:
8 oz. returnable bottle
12 oz. can

2001, Gold medal in Brussels for the Monde Selection
2004, Grand Gold medal in Brussels for the Monde Selection


Our signature, award-winning beer is no fuss and all flavor, brewed in classic German pilsner style.

Brown is the new green!

To meet customer demand, Balashi will be offered in both green and brown bottles.

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