Zeerovers: The Island Spot for Fresh Fish, Local Beer, and Authentic Aruba Vibes

Located in the laid-back fishing community of Savaneta is Zeerovers, a fisherman's wharf-cum-roadhouse promising a heavy dose of local flavor.  Since 1997, Zeerovers has been an icon and a go-to spot for locals seeking a break from the hustle and bustle of the workweek and a reconnection with their island roots.

Zeerovers’ history goes more than four decades deep, when Iki Bisslik took a vacant waterfront property in his hometown of Savaneta and built a humble docking area for his and a few fellow fishermen friends’ boats, including an area to clean their fish.  After a day at sea, those fishermen would gather to tell their fish tales over a few cold ones at the little makeshift marina known as Zeerovers.  Little by little, more fishermen came to dock their boats and clean their fish, joined by family and friends who came by to admire the catches of the day over a beer or two, and buy the freshest of fresh fish to take home for dinner. 

Zeerovers began hosting the occasional fish fry for the community to enjoy.  Word of mouth spread throughout the island, and Zeerovers found itself becoming a full-fledged business by 1997. 

To this day, Zeerovers has remained a family business, welcoming friends, family, locals, and visitors to enjoy authentic Aruban hospitality, fresh seafood deep-fried dockside, seaside relaxation, and good times…be sure to try their fresh seafood with an ice-cold Magic Mango—a deliciously local combination!