When Art Finds a Way

Adorée Lifestyle Concrete

Amidst one of the most unprecedented worldwide events—the COVID 19 pandemic, two aspects of our community seemed to thrive: creativity and entrepreneurship.  Several local small businesses were born during this time.  Magic Mango is proud to highlight Adorée Lifestyle Concrete, a stellar example of local ingenuity in action. 

Adorée Lifestyle Concrete is a venture launched by Carondina Leijdekkers and her fiancé, Orlin Geerman.  Carondina, who works for the Aruba Fair Trade Authority, and Orlin, an instructor in the culinary arts program at EPB school, began dipping their toes in concrete in 2020 at the height of the pandemic.  It was a case of necessity breeds invention.  “We were looking for a doorstop for our home and had trouble finding what we wanted, so we started to explore how to make a concrete one online,” explains Carondina.  The couple experimented with the craft through tutorials and courses online. 

Family and friends visiting their home really liked their work and began requesting projects.  “This all began as a hobby, and we started documenting our journey on Instagram and developed a following,” she adds.  In their home studio, they began crafting more door stops, as well as planters of all shapes and sizes, candlestick holders, salt & pepper cellars, serving trays, and even Aruba-inspired Christmas ornaments and magnets.  They have also ventured into hand-poured wax candles.

Adorée now has an online shop at adoreelifestyle.com, and a selection of curated items can be purchased at Cookings, a local kitchen and home-goods store.

Cheers to the magic of creativity and small, local business owners bringing passion to their work like Carondina and Orlin.