Urvin Croes: Culinary Artist

Balashi Brewery’s Magic brand of beers is a proud supporter and collaborator of Aruba’s art scene, featuring creativity across the spectrum of talented artists from a wide range of disciplines.  One of these artists is Chef Urvin Croes, owner and operator of Infini.

“A chef is no different than any other artist…the plate is my canvas and ingredients are my medium,” says Chef Urvin.  Indeed, guests of Infini, a culinary studio with a chef’s table concept exclusive for just 18 guests, experience the art of fine cuisine unfolding as the chef and his team put on a gastronomic showcase in a gleaming open kitchen.  Diners are seated at a horseshoe-shaped bar that wraps around the open kitchen, enjoying a feast for the senses that’s visually and aromatically intriguing, and stimulating in taste and textures as each bite meets the palette. 

Chef Urvin gained invaluable experience in Michelin-star restaurants in Europe after graduating from culinary school.  He returned to Aruba and eventually realized his dream of opening a modern and culinary adventurous fine-dining restaurant.  In 2013, Chef Urwin was the new chef on the block, but claimed his rightful place as a culinary maverick on the horizon, winning Aruba’s Iron Chef competition, competing against veteran chefs and winning the top honor.

The chef continued to forge his own unique path on Aruba, and was one of the first to popularized the use of locally sourced ingredients, constantly on the lookout for local producers who can bring a new level of quality and collaboration to his innovative cuisine.

The Magic brand of beers was thrilled to be a part of Chef Urvin’s creations, with both Magic Mango and Magic Orange beers incorporated into a new dish that will premier on Infini’s newest seasonal menu debuting in early 2023.  The dish, called “Magic Tuna,” features fresh tuna tataki surrounded by an aguachile infused with Magic Mango and layers of flavor and texture, including a cluster of lime tapioca highlighted with cucumber gel and orange cream; pickled chayote with lime mayo and nasturtium; and roasted oranges with a sorbet made with Magic Orange.

Experience the magic in person!  Reservations for Infini’s 12-course culinary adventure can be made on the website at infiniaruba.com or by phone at +297-699-3982.  The newest seasonal menu for 2023 will be a Caribbean Impression with a heavy dose of Aruban-inspired dishes.

Caption for the food diagram:  Chef Urvin’s creative process starts by drawing out a detailed diagram of how he wants each dish to be plated to maximize the visual aspect of his culinary artistry.