Brown is the New Green!

To meet customer demand, Balashi will be offered in both green and brown bottles

Businesses and consumers are having to make adjustments to navigate the global supply chain issues.  From wood to wine, the impact is felt in one way or another by just about everyone. Currently, there is a worldwide shortage on glass bottles, which is impacting Aruba’s national brewery, Balashi Brewery.

In particular, the brewery’s signature and original brew, Balashi, utilizes green bottles which are in short supply.  Consumers will now see Balashi offered in both green and brown bottles.  Beer-drinkers will enjoy the exact same Balashi beer from the same tank, but bottled in both green and brown bottles. This is a necessary step in order to meet the high demand for Aruba’s premium Balashi Beer. So for now, brown is the new green!

Consumers can also help by returning Balashi bottles for recycling.  All Balashi Brewery bottled beers can be returned to the brewery plant or the carry-out drive-thru locations, with clients enjoying a return of Afl .25 per bottle or Afl 6 per case. As there is no law requiring the collection of monetary deposits on beverage containers in Aruba, The Balashi Brewery incentive truly inspires customers—commercial and private--to value their empties and return them.

Bottles can easily be returned to the Tropical Bottling Carry-out & Drive-thru locations at LG Smith Blvd 22 in Playa, and at Doormanstraat 5 in San Nicolas.