Stay Chill and Beat the Summer Heat

Most locals are fairly acclimated to Aruba’s year-round warm weather, but the summertime heat just seems to have that extra intensity and humidity that can be over the top, even for seasoned islanders.  This summer is heating up a bit earlier than usual, so be mindful and take care when you are out and about with these beat-the-heat tips:

At the top of the list is hydration.  It cannot be overstated how important it is to stay hydrated in the summer heat.  Nearly 60% of your body is made up of water; according to the National Institute of Health, during extreme temperatures we can lose as much as three to four liters per hour.  Having a bottle of Dasani water in-hand during the summer is always a good idea!  We are often dehydrated before realizing it, so drinking water regularly throughout the day is important. Summer beach days were made for sipping ice-cold Chill, but as always, moderation is key.  As soon as you wake up, it’s recommended to drink a glass of water to start hydrating after a night of sleep. When heading to the beach, pack your cooler with Chill and plenty of bottled water, making sure to drink twice as much water as beer, as alcohol is dehydrating.  Packing some fresh fruit with high water content, like watermelon, strawberries, and oranges, can also help with hydration.

And speaking of packing coolers, ice is a great way to help bring some relief from the heat.  Using ice (or ice packs) from your cooler to rub on your forehead or neck can help lower your body temperature and bring some relief, but an even better place is under the armpits (a high blood-flow area).  If the ice is melting down in your cooler, submerge a small towel in the cold water, wring it out, and wrap around neck or place under armpits. And of course, frequent cooling dips in the sea or a pool also help to manage the heat.

Seeking a shady spot, whether under a tree, palapa, or umbrella, can also bring relief from the heat.

Wear breathable fabrics and light-colored clothes (dark colors are a magnet for soaking up the sun’s rays and retaining heat).

As much as we all love summertime outdoor fun, it’s time to call it a day and head indoors if you feel at all faint or dizzy, have goosebumps on your skin, feel nauseous or weak, have a headache, or experience muscle cramps; these are signs of impending heat exhaustion.

From your friends at Chill, we wish you a summertime filled with good times and lasting memories.  Stay safe, drink responsibly.