The results are in from the Technical University of Munich. It’s Straight A’s on Balashi Brewery’s Report Card!

Recently, Balashi Brewery’s profile of beers—Balashi, Chill, and Magic Mango—were submitted for testing by the world-renowned Research Center Weihenstephan for Brewing and Food Quality (BLQ), a core institute of the Technical University of Munich in Germany. Weihenstephan acts as an interface between science and practice with the aim of supporting the brewing and beverage industry and their suppliers from a technical, technological, and economic perspective, utilizing current scientific findings and practical experience.

Balashi Brewery is not affiliated in any way with the university, but voluntarily submitted its three beers for nonbiased testing and evaluation.

A thorough analysis of scientifically measured components, as well as visual, aromatic, and taste qualities were included in the grading profile of the beers.  Aruba’s national brewery certainly has reason to celebrate, as each of the beers performed extremely well.  Overall ratings (with a maximum score of 100) were the following: 

Magic Mango, a tropical lager and Aruba’s craft beer, received a 92;

the brewery’s signature and original brew, Balashi, a crisp golden pilsner, received a score of 95

and Chill, the island’s refreshing beach beer, was top of the class with an impressive and near perfect 99!

Cheers to Balashi Brewery for showcasing Aruba’s world-class beers that are proudly produced locally on the island!