Hiking & Biking Aruba’s Landscapes
Hiking & Biking Aruba’s Landscapes

Aruba has one of the Caribbean’s most diverse geologic terrains to explore beyond its world-famous beaches.  Even locals that have grown up on Aruba are often amazed at their island’s hidden gems and breathtaking scenery that unfolds in the most unexpected places when they enjoy a little exploration.  Many of Aruba’s scenic treasures and spectacular views can only be reached by hiking or mountain biking.  Whether navigating more than 20 miles of trails through Arikok National Park—some marked with signage indicated our local flora and fauna—or meandering the serenity of cactus forests and rolling hills, or skirting wave-battered coastlines, Aruba’s beauty unfolds breathtakingly.

There’s a very active mountain-biking community here, and over the years they have blazed and maintained marked trails used for leisure, fitness and competitive sporting events.  Several of these trails are also marked in a color-coded trail grading system, with the majority of trails on Aruba falling under the moderate/intermediate level, suitable for most levels of experience.  For experienced mountain bikers, the Spirit’i Cabrito Trail offers a challenging adventure.  These trails are just as popular with hikers as well. 

Three favorites we are featuring, each unique but falling under the moderate level for bikers and hikers, are:

Alto Vista Trail

This trail starts at the historic Alto Vista Chapel and meanders through cactus and large boulders on a gentle slope that eventually leads to the north coastline, offering a dirt-road trail in either direction at the bottom, allowing the biker or hiker to choose the length of the journey.  You won’t get lost if you stay along the coastline and head back with the quaint chapel sitting on its vista as your beacon guiding you to the starting point. Take time to reflect on the nature and beauty around you at the peace labyrinth, located adjacent to the chapel.

Bushi Trail

Located in the area of the island known as Calbas, the Bushi trail is a moderately challenging loop with a steady decent that takes bikers and hikers down to the coastline, with stellar vistas and vast views along the way.  Wairuri Bay and one of the island’s natural bridges greet you at the coast. 

Seroe Colorado Trail

This popular hiking trail starts at the Seroe Colorado Lighthouse on the southeastern side of the island.  The Seroe Colorado Point is the highest costal elevation on the island, rewarding you with impossibly beautiful 360-degree views, cliffs, and crashing waves.  As you journey down towards the coastline the trail has quite a bit of craggy volcanic rock to navigate, but savvy and determined hikers can reach what is referred to as the “hidden natural bridge” and one of the most unique photo ops on the island.

Tips for a safe adventure:
  • The best times for hiking and biking are generally early morning and late afternoon. 
  • Although solo hikes and biking can offer peace and an intimate connection with nature, some of the more remote trails are safer with a partner.  Keep a cellphone handy as well and let someone know when you are expected to return.
  • Hikers should wear sturdy shoes and a hat
  • Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen!
  • Take plenty of water


It is not recommended to consume alcohol before or during your journey, but by all means, reward yourself with an ice-cold Balashi at the end