Chill Beer, Elite Empire and all other sponsors announced in a press conference that they have voluntarily decided to move the festival from Bushiri Beach Arena to Harbor Arena. The date remains the same: this upcoming Saturday, June 1.

What Happened
While preparations for the Flip Flop Festival were underway at Bushiri Beach, it was noted that there might be an owl nest on the site. Immediate contact was made with those responsible for owl protection to take measures to safeguard the animals. The Aruba Conservation Foundation decided to cordon off the area with ropes and put up a sign. The organizers were also advised to install a high fence around the area during the event. Another alternative presented was to evaluate if the nest could be moved. However, there was not enough time for this, given the complex process involved.

Despite all the measures put in place at the site, in good collaboration and discussions with various stakeholders, it was voluntarily decided to move the event from Bushiri Beach Arena. This decision was not easy, considering the stage, lights, sound, and screens were already being set up at Bushiri. The change will incur significant financial costs and logistical complications. Nevertheless, the production team is confident that they will be able to complete everything in time for this Saturday, and Elite Empire Entertainment, along with its sponsors, recognizes the importance of preserving our flora and fauna.
During the press conference, the president of the Aruba Conservation Foundation, Mr. Tyson Lopez, thanked the organization for recognizing the importance of protecting our nature.

Saturday, June 1, 2024
As for the event itself, there has been an extremely positive reaction from the public. Thousands of people have already purchased their tickets. This is due to the more than 10 musical attractions, both local and international, that will be performing throughout the night. Among others, there will be performances by the soca band 'Kes The Band' from Trinidad, the dembow artist Angel Dior from the Dominican Republic, Mical Teja from Trinidad, and Alex Sensation from the USA. Also present will be DJ Latu from the Netherlands, Ziggi Recado & The Nayamari Band, and Tsunami, Mystical Connection, and more. The doors will open at 5 PM.
The event will also have a "food court" where various types of food will be available for the public to enjoy. This is part of a full experience for everyone attending the festival, which is making its return after more than five years.

General tickets are available at Citgo Boulevard and Citgo Essoville, as well as at Tropical Bottling Carry Out on LG Smith Boulevard and Tropical Bottling Carry Out in San Nicolas. Tickets can also be purchased digitally on Pay.aw and Eliteempire.events.
Flip Flop Festival is presented by Chill Beer, CMB, Setar NV, Coca-Cola, Bacardi, Kini Kini Transfers & Tours, Embassy Suites, Renaissance Wind Creek Aruba Resort, Ecotech, ATCO, Elite Empire, Rayo, Elite Productions, and XFM 102.7.