Eat & Drink Local!

It’s not just wine that you can pair your favorite food with—beer pairings are growing in popularity.  We paired our beers with popular dishes from six island restaurants.  Explore Aruba’s culinary scene and top it off with your fav Balashi brew!

Balashi & Pizza from Urataka

Spend an afternoon in the cunucu at Urataka, one of Aruba’s most treasured local restaurants, known for their fresh, homemade pizza.  Take it 100% local and pair your pizza with an ice-cold Balashi.  The crisp characteristic of this classic, malty pilsner highlights the crust, while the delicately spiced hoppy notes sing happily with the Italian spices.

Chill & the Rumshop Burger from Local Store

Chill with a burger at Local Store!  One of several burgers on the menu, the RUMSHOP burger is a must for burger aficionados.  Topped with sautéed garlic shrimp, washing it down with an ice-cold Chill is the perfect pairing…the crisp lager balances the rich beef on the palate, while the citrus bite is a zesty complement to the shrimp.

Magic Mango & Maple-Bacon Wings from Alfie’s

According to the Culinary Institute of America (CIA), mango and maple make a sweet pair! Grab Aruba’s locally brewed Magic Mango and pair it with maple-bacon wings from Alfie’s. Head over to Aruba’s fav dive bar for wings, burgers, authentic Canadian poutine, and more!

Chill & the Lobster Roll from Gilligan’s Seafood Shack

Pair a seaside afternoon at Gilligan’s Seafood Shack with the quintessential island beer!  We suggest Gilligan’s famous lobster roll matched with the light, citrus tartness of an ice-cold Chill…now that’s the perfect beach day!

Magic Mango & Curry Pumpkin, Potato & Chana Roti from Kamini’s Kitchen

Located on the way to Baby Beach in Sero Colorado, Kamini, a Trinidadian, shares the authentic cuisine of her homeland in this open-air restaurant.

Two island fruits make a magical pair!  Magic Mango paired with the exotic curry pumpkin and chana roti from Kamini’s Kitchen is the perfect balance of sweet and spice.

Balashi & Zeerovers

Drink like a local, eat like a local, play like a local!  Whether diving into a basket of freshly caught fried fish brought in by our local fishermen, playing a game of dominoes, or relaxing on the dock, Aruba’s own Balashi Beer is the perfect pairing at local hotspot Zeerovers.