Cheers to You for Helping Us Stay Sustainable! Balashi Brewery’s bottle return campaign continues.

Balashi Brewery continues to inspire the community to value their empty beer bottles. Return your empties—it’s great for the environment and for your wallet! Balashi Brewery’s continued commitment to sustainability and keeping Aruba’s environment as pristine as possible is highlighted by its signature bottle-return campaign and is the only bottle-return initiative on the island.

Last year, the global supply chain issues severely affected the sourcing and availability of glass bottles worldwide, while at the same time the increased support of our beer brands in the local market meant the brewery needed bottles more than ever. Balashi Brewery temporarily increased the return incentive from Afl 4.80 to Afl 6 per case for several months in an effort to further encourage sustainable recycling. The difference of Af 1.20 was absorbed by Balashi Brewery. Aruba, you didn’t disappoint, and your efforts helped us keep the shelves stocked with your favorite local beer brands.

As the supply chain challenges ease, Balashi Brewery is able to return to sourcing the bottles needed to fill the gap between the 85% bottle-return rate. Please note that as of April 1 of this year, the brewery will return to its normal refund rate of Afl 4.80 per case so that we can keep our costs down in order to maintain our affordable beer prices.

Bottles can easily be returned to the Tropical Bottling Carry-out & Drive-thru locations at LG Smith Blvd 22 in Playa, and at Doormanstraat 5 in San Nicolas.