Cheers to our Aruban Community! Another Astounding Achievement in Bottle Recycling

Aruba, you’ve done it again, and it goes to show that good habits are worth keeping!  Balashi Brewery was delighted when an impressive 78% of Balashi, Chill, and Magic Mango empties were returned in 2023.  And now that the first quarter bottle-return numbers are in for 2024, the brewery is thrilled to announce that the return number has increased to 83%! 

Balashi Brewery is the only company incentivizing bottle returns (Afl 4.80/case), making it a win for consumers and a win for our environment.  Balashi Brewery is also able to maintain affordable prices across the board for all their beer brands, with many bottles returned, recycled, and sanitized for repeat use up to seven times.

Consumers can easily return their empties of Balashi, Chill, and Magic Mango for instant cash at the Tropical Bottling Carry-out & Drive-thru locations at LG Smith Blvd 22 in Playa, and at Doormanstraat 5 in San Nicolas. 

Help support Luna Foundation, a local non-profit made up of a small group of dedicated volunteers with a mission of positively impact the lives of Aruba’s street dogs and strays.  They will come collect your cases of bottles (send a WhatsApp message to +297-561-0706), with the funds from the empties helping to support their dog sanctuary and rescue efforts.