Aruba—Your Place to Chill this Summer

Aruba’s famous, award-winning beaches like Eagle Beach and Palm Beach are definite go-tos for beach-time fun and relaxation, but some of the island’s off-the-beaten path locales offer their own unique vibe and scenic views to kick back, relax, and enjoy Aruba’s favorite beach beer—an ice-cold Chill. Here are some of our fav spots to Chill:

Fisherman’s Huts

Fisherman’s Huts, also known as Hadicurari Beach, lies next to one of the most popular windsurfing and kitesurfing playgrounds in the world. The calm, shallow, flat waters are also great for trying the latest board craze—SUP (stand-up paddle boarding). Coming off the water after a session on the water to a refreshing Chill makes for a fab beach day!

Tres Trapi

Located along the limestone cliffs that anchor the northwest coast/Malmok area, TresTrapi is just south of Boca Catalina, characterized by a set of steps carved into the rocks that lead to a small sandy cove. It’s a favorite spot for sun salutations, meditation, or simply enjoying a Chill on the limestone cliff in a beach chair with the mesmerizing rhythm of the waves splashing along the rocky shore. Take the steps down into the cove to cool off in the crystal-clear waters.

Boca Catalina

Heading north past the high-rise hotel area, the limestone ledge that characterizes the Malmok coastline gives way to a white sandy beach area known as Boca Catalina.  The beach provides easy, walk-in access to some of the best snorkeling on the island. On shore, relax under one of the public palapas with a cooler of Chill while the pelicans put on a show of diving mastery.


This is one of the favorite beaches of our locals, who enjoy the well-kept public palapas and the perfect family picnic setting.  Located along Aruba’s western coast, just under the watchful eye of the historic California Lighthouse, make the most of your picnic with a cooler of Chill.

Lighthouse Beach

Located in the vicinity of the California Lighthouse and the California Dunes, this beach area offers seclusion from the bustle of the hotel areas. The unique setting of large clusters of boulders is great for sunbathing and wading in the tide pools. Definitely one of the coolest places to Chill!


This sandy cove is found along Aruba’s rocky north shore, attracting local surfers as well as fishermen who cast their lines from the bordering limestone cliffs. Wariwuri is accessible by following the dirt road north from the Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins. Mother Nature also carved a picturesque natural bridge just to the right of the beach. Now that’s a place to Chill!

Dos Playa

Throw a cooler of Chill in your 4-wheel drive and head to Dos Playa. Located within Arikok National Park, Dos Playa (meaning “two beaches”) is a pair of adjacent coves carved out of the coastal limestone.  One cove is a go-to for island surfers, with a broad white-sand beach for sunbathing or relaxing under the shade of the sea grape trees. Be sure to add a visit to the rolling dunes of neighboring Boca Prins.


It’s a body boarder’s delight and a great escape from the crowds.  Situated on the island’s windward coast, just south of the collapsed Natural Bridge, dramatic bluffs flank a sandy cove area, leaving beach-goers in a world of their own.  Pack a cooler of Chill and let the good times roll right along with the surf!

Black Stone Beach

If you make the journey to Andicuri, be sure to travel a little further along the dirt road to see Black Stone Beach (no swimming, please!) and a fascinating triple-arch limestone natural bridge.  The Chill vibe here is worth the effort!

Spanish Lagoon

Skirting the coastline in the area of Pos Chiquito, this stretch of coastline has some of the most vivid and striking turquoise waters on the island.  Roadside/coastline picnic tables and huts dot the area, providing an ideal picnic spot or a relaxing place to enjoy the sunset with an ice-cold Chill.

Mangel Halto

Mangel Halto is located in Pos Chiquito just south of the Spanish Lagoon.  A bit secluded with white powdery sand and huts for shade, it’s a popular picnic area and ideal place to relax with a Chill. It’s also a perfect snorkeling spot with calm, shallow waters rich in sea life supported by an intriguing network of mangroves. 

Cura Cabai

Skirting the coastline just past Savaneta but before San Nicolas is this small pier and beach.  Kick back and relax in this authentic setting as local fishermen return with their catches of the day, or take in a quiet sunset and soak up the ambience with a Chill in-hand.

Boca Grandi

Located on the eastern side of the island’s southern tip, this beach lures both local and international kite surfers.  The beach is distinguished by rolling sand dunes netted in place by local sea grapes and dune grasses. The Chill vibes drift on the wind here, with colorful kites of surfers dotting the horizon above vivid turquoise seas. 

Grapefield Beach

Just north of Boca Grandi is Grapefield Beach, a hidden gem where beach-goers can picnic amid a large sea grape grove.  Makeshift shelters made of palate wood and driftwood constructed over time by locals help keep you cool while sipping your Chill. 

Rodger’s Beach

Although lesser known than nearby Baby Beach at the southern reaches of the island, Rodger's Beach is equally worthy of a visit.  Outfitted with a few shady picnic huts, Rodger's Beach sweeps around a reef-protected bay that proves ideal for swimming.  A handful of colorfully painted traditional fishing boats are docked within the sheltered bay at the far end of the beach, adding a touch of charm to the peaceful setting.  Pop open that Chill and relax like a local!