Aruba’s Best Snorkel Spots

Welcome to the Chill zone!  There’s plenty of places in Aruba to soak up some chill vibes and enjoy island life.  Aruba’s stunning beaches are the first thing that come to mind, but just below the surface of our striking azure waters is an entirely different Chill zone to explore.  Aruba has a network of easily accessible, close-to-shore reefs along our coastline.  Fascinating reef-scapes offer a bevy of colorful coral and intriguing sea life to discover.  Before you check out some of the best spots, keep the following in mind:


  • Be sure to wear sunscreen, but only reef-safe, mineral based sunscreens are permitted in Aruba.
  • Always snorkel with a buddy.
  • Look, don’t touch!  Refrain from interacting or touching sea life and observe at a respectful distance.
  • Don’t stand on the coral and be mindful of your fins brushing against and disturbing fragile coral.
  • It is against the law to remove any coral, seashells, or starfish from Aruba’s coastal areas.


Sitting just under the California Light House on the island’s northwest coast, Arashi is a favorite local family beach.  Snorkelers will find a small reef near the cluster of rocks that divide this beach from the next beach, Boca Catalina.  Experienced snorkelers can swim out about 150 meters to find another reef teeming with sea life as well.


Boca Catalina

Heading south just below Arashi is Boca Catalina.  Here you’ll find easy entry to explore the reef system that is just steps from shore. Excellent underwater visibility brings delightful encounters with schools of needlefish, starfish, and a variety of curiosities. Pelicans love this area as well and can be seen relaxing and nesting in the rocky outcroppings near shore.



Continuing south along the coastline, you’ll find Malmok Beach, a small beach that sits between the limestone terrace that runs along this coastal area. Wade into the surf here to find a reef active with sea life.


Spanish Lagoon & Mangel Halto

One of the largest natural lagoons in the Caribbean is Aruba’s Spanish Lagoon, recently assigned protection and management by Arikok National Park. The area features a coastal inlet lined with mangroves with root systems that act as a nursery for marine species that find safety here until they are strong enough to venture into open water.

Neighboring the lagoon is Mangel Halto, where snorkelers can make a short swim to a reef ripe for exploration.


Baby Beach

Journey to Aruba’s southern reaches for a day of snorkeling at Baby Beach. The shallow, clear waters here are ideal for young or beginner snorkelers.