Balashi Brewery’s 2023 Bottle Return Campaign a Win for Our Island

Balashi Brewery’s signature bottle return initiative has evolved into a healthy habit for local consumers eager to help keep Aruba clean and sustainable while also earning Afl 4.80 per case of empties of Balashi, Chill, and Magic Mango bottles.

In total, 78% of empties across the board from all three brands were returned in 2023, and many of these bottles are recycled and sanitized for repeat use up to seven times!

Balashi Brewery is the only company incentivizing bottle returns, leading the way to both create sustainable awareness in our community while also rewarding these efforts with cash.

Consumers can conveniently return their bottles for instant cash at the Tropical Bottling Carry-out & Drive-thru locations at LG Smith Blvd 22 in Playa, and at Doormanstraat 5 in San Nicolas.